The Chicks Have Hatched!

Meet the latest residents of Letham House

Newly hatched chicks at Letham House

Even though the chicks did not quite hatch in time for Easter, everyone at Letham House is extremely excited about the new residents.

Barbara and Chris and their grandchildren were just in time to notice when the first egg started cracking and the first chick hatched. The next one followed quickly, the others hatched a little bit later.

The chicks are surprisingly big and fluffy; they are very lively and chirp a lot. The chicks are of different breeds and come in different colours.

They will stay inside the house for now to ensure that they keep warm. Once they are old enough they can join the other hens outside in the garden of Letham House.

We will keep you posted with new photos!

Newly hatched chick on its first day








Letham Chicks

Newly hatched chicks on their first day