Spring Arrivals

On the 9th March, we welcomed 9 new additions to the Letham House family when our Labrador Rosie gave birth to her litter of puppies. We had 9 adorable pups ruling the roost, 8 black and 1 white and Rosie took care of them perfectly. We have uploaded a gallery of photos of them at only 1 week old. As they continued to grow, find their paws, their bark and as with most puppies, our boots, we enjoyed every minute of having them running around Letham. However, they have now started their new life in their new homes. Most are with local families, one is in Killin and another has hit the big City to stay with our daughter Frances. Their adorable personalities will be missed here at Letham, but it has been an aboslute joy to have them around!

Mum, Rosie, remains a firm favourite with our guests. She is always ready and willing to meet and greet (though she usually gets pipped to the post by Chris and Barbara) and can often be found accompanying guests on a walk in the garden. But do be careful, she has a very subtle and clever method of convincing you to join her in a game of catch!